Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Clouds Over Accokeek Creek

I hadn't painted a landscape in a long time but today I had the day off with no grandkids to babysit and it was beautiful outside so I took my paints down to Piscataway Park. This scene is from an observation perch looking down Accokeek Creek out to the Potomac.


Hallie Jo said...

completely random: I have to give your props for always taking very good pictures of your paintings! You always frame it right and there are never shadows and the angle is never awkward. Also, your camera captures the texture of your paintings as well (what kind of camera is it?).

Besides that, very nice landscape!

Lona said...

I do like my camera. It's a panasonic Lumix with a leica lens - Pops always said leica lenses were the best.