Sunday, May 22, 2011

Handmade Camera Case

My two cameras before my current one both broke and I finally caught on that keeping a camera in a case is the way to go. My current one did not come with a case, so I traced the camera outline on paper and added about 3/16 around the edge. Using my paper pattern, I cut two pieces of leather, one with a extension about 2 1/2 inches for a closure flap. I measured the widest part of the camera and cut a long leather strip that width plus 3/8 inch. The embellishments were cut out of leather scraps. All the seams were glued first with contact cement. Then I used an awl to punch holes about an eighth of an inch apart. I stitched up the seams and put a magnetic snap on the flap and I was done. I have a nice case that exactly fits my camera!


Hallie Jo said...

love it!

Chocolate Fish said...

This is really cool! How hard was the leather to sew? Did you hand-stitch, or machine sew, and what size needles etc? I'm just thinking of prehaps making a bigger version for a friend's birthday present. She's a photographer, so it'd be perfect :)

Lona said...

@chocolate, it is hand stitched. The trick is to glue it first and also pre punch the holes with an awl - then it is more like lacing.