Sunday, September 14, 2008


I finished this portrait of Haven today. It was experimental for me. The picture was done monochromatically at first, then the colors were added in by glazing. The subject matter concept is left over from an art show called The Victorians. There was a George Frederic painting called Choosing, with young Ellen Terry sniffing Camelias. Since they don't have a scent, it was supposed to signify the transitory nature of sensual pleasure. The hibiscus type of flower that Haven is sniffing, likewise did not smell. I took the photo of Haven and the flower in the Haupt Garden by the Smithsonian Castle.


Lynnis said...

I remember you doing a painting of me in the same pre-raphaelite pose. Very lovely but I wish you'd turned her face a little so it looked more 3-d.

Haven Carlson said...

I didn't think you'd actually paint it, but I love it!

gordon said...

Just because something does not have a smell does not mean it is pointless to attempt to sense a smell. You don't know whether it has one until you try.