Sunday, September 14, 2008

Innes Cello in progress

There are some great little paintings of women playing music in the Freer Gallery.
These inspired me to take some photos of Innes playing the cello, which is my current work in progress. She is playing at Jerry's memorial service. It is very unusal for me to start with a white canvas. I have almost never done it since Danni Dawson said back in the 80s that a white canvas "kills" your painting! Just writing that makes me cringe...what have I done!!


Lynnis said...

Those Whistler paintings are some of my favorites. Or are they by Dewing? I can't remember because they're in the room that's all Whistler and Dewing.

Innes said...

wow! i'll be FAMOUS!


Piri Jenkins said...

Excellent Blog idea! I added a link from Linnea's baby blog. I also blogged about May's paintings today over at her blog.

Lona said...

I think they are Dewing.